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Data Required (Foreigners)

When the partners are generally partnered inside the a different nation, they don’t really have to go owing to a vintage matrimony processes again. As an alternative, they merely have to get their relationship inserted when you look at the Columbia. Once this is completed, its marriage could well be legally acknowledged and you may included in Columbia and you may the brand new international nation where in actuality the marriage happened. This applies to elizabeth-sex partners. The new records expected to legalize a foreign relationship between spouses inside the Columbia is actually said below:

Colombian matrimony visa

An effective Colombian relationship visa was a temporary charge that enables good partner to live in Columbia having a time period of 3 years, then a person is entitled to make an application for a resident visa. The records required by this new ministry away from international situations is actually said below:

After all of the files had been registered and recorded rightly, it takes brand new Ministry off Foreign Situations 5 to 6 business days to confirm the brand new consult. During this time, the fresh ministry reads what you provided to decide if it’s all the true. Up on the verification of the many data files, the brand new ministry usually approve a visa, in fact it is acquired by the companion immediately following a week. That is stamped throughout the passport, while the mate can then move on to submit the fresh new “cedula de- extranjeria” application. The document brings many perks with the lover for the Columbia.

Spiritual Marriage

A religious wedding during the Columbia was legally joining, and although the nation does not have an official religion, Catholic Christianity is Latina mladenaДЌka agencija the most prominent religion, approximately ninety% off Columbians adhering to which spiritual trust. These matrimony is performed from the chapel and you can conducted from the an authorized priest. The Catholic relationships inside Columbia pursue new ceremonial rites off an effective typical Roman Catholic matrimony. Here, there is a parade in which the bride-to-be are strolled down the section by their unique father, toward bridegroom waiting for their own about church. The new priest prays and you may asks the newest spouses to restore vows, that they have wishing otherwise which can be provided with brand new church.

For the duration of new service, this new traffic was questioned if they target on matrimony, and when no-one objects, the new couples exchange groups. Given that vows and you may groups try shared, the priest upcoming pronounces her or him couple. After the spouse kisses this new fiance, he could be escorted outside of the chapel to a different location where wedding party takes set. There are particular documents which can be required by the Catholic Church before a couple of are allowed to get married. Talking about stated less than.

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