Ibn ‘Abbas derived it hadd punishment from the discipline that Allah delivered upon the fresh new homosexuals of the people off Lut

‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Abbas said: The greatest reason for the city are receive and also the homosexual should be thrown direct basic of it, upcoming stones shall be thrown on your.

Whenever Allah said zina, The guy demonstrated it good “high sin” (fahishah – indefinite) certainly one of most other higher sins, nevertheless when The guy mentioned homosexuality, He named they “the new worst sin” (al-fahishah – definite)

Ibn ‘Abbas is just one who narrated regarding the Prophet (serenity and you can blessings off Allah end up being through to your) the words: “Whoever the thing is performing the action of those out-of Lut, play the person who can it therefore the one to who it is complete.” This was narrated by authors off al-Sunan and are classed as the sahih of the Ibn Hibban although some. Imam Ahmad quoted this hadith since proof, and its own isnad match the fresh new criteria regarding al-Bukhari.

It said: and is also narrated that he said: “Will get Allah curse the one who really does the experience of folks of Lut, will get Allah curse the one who does the action of your folks of Lut, could possibly get Allah curse the one who do the action of folks of Lut,” and it is perhaps not narrated which he cursed this new adulterer around three times in one hadith. This new Companions of one’s Live messenger regarding Allah (tranquility and you may blessings off Allah become abreast of him) arranged unanimously that homosexual is to be performed, and you will not one of them differed towards one to. Instead they differed about what variety of performance. People believed that so it change intended that they disagreed on executing your, so they narrated it as a matter regarding that your Companions differed, but it’s an issue regarding hence you will find opinion certainly them, perhaps not a matter of difference.

The guy cursed people that do many biggest sins, but he didn’t curse any of them more often than once, however, he frequent this new curse with the homosexual 3 x

“And you will become maybe not alongside kissbrides.com brГҐdskande lГ¤nk unlawful sex. Verily, it is good Fahishah (we.elizabeth. whatever transgresses the limitations: good sin), and an evil way (which leads one to heck until Allah Forgives him) .” [al-Isra ] and you may what He states regarding homosexuality (interpretation of your definition):

“And you may (remember) Lut (Lot), when he thought to his some one: Are you willing to to visit the worst sin instance nothing preceding you provides committed in the ‘Alamin (humankind and you can jinn)?.” [al-A’raf seven:80] will see the essential difference between them. This indicates which contains most of the essence regarding worst and you can sin.” (Al-Jawab al-Kafi (p. 260-263)

“Pertaining to homosexuality, a number of the students said that the fresh abuse for it are the same as new abuse for zina, plus it try said that it is below you to. Although right take on that the Friends have been unanimously agreed is that they are both are slain, the brand new productive while the inactive partners, if they are partnered or not.

Brand new people out-of al-Sunan narrated away from Ibn ‘Abbas (get Allah be pleased with your) the Prophet (tranquility and you may blessings regarding Allah getting upon him) said: “Anyone who you see undertaking the action of the people from Lut, carry out the one who will it while the one whom it’s done.” And you may Abu Dawud narrated out-of Ibn ‘Abbas concerning unmarried people which commits a great homosexual work that he told you: They are to be stoned. And another equivalent was narrated away from ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be happy with him). The fresh Friends failed to differ regarding the ruling that homosexual is to be conducted, but they differed in regards to the strategies. It had been narrated away from Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (may Allah appreciate your) that he’s getting burned, and you will out of someone else that he’s getting performed.

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